In 2017, the area of Education began the United Way’s new three year grant cycle. The goals developed by the Education Vision Council closely align with the goals established by the Academic Success Network of the Roundtable of St. Lucie County. With many of the same members, the Vision Council agreed to combine the two groups to work more collectively on achieving the community wide changes they both desired. The Education Vision Council/Academic Success Network continues to meet on a monthly basis reviewing data provided by the School District and developing strategies to achieve the set goals.


  • St. Lucie County high school graduation rate will be 90% by 2020. (Baseline data: 14/15 graduation rate of 75.5%) 
  • St. Lucie County will exceed the state average in reading proficiency by 2020. (Baseline data: FSA State Avg.: 54%; SLC FSA Avg.: 46%)